Younger Season 4 : StyleInspiration, Here I come!

Younger is back for another season and the outfits, get only better! 

When Patricia Field (You might recognize her from her iconic work as costume artist for Sex and the City) and Jacqueline Demetrio get together, you know you’re in for a treat. At least visually. They always pull off clothes that speak for the characters, high street fashion straight off the runway yet makes you feel right at home.

For our next #StyleInspo this year, Younger is back for another season and yet again with a  wardrobe to die for, the show gets better and better every day! Of course, the new season also promises lots of fabulous fashion moments that are probably a tad inappropriate for a real-life corporate environment and definitely too expensive for most people working in publishing — but we’d expect nothing less from costume designer Jacqueline Demetrio and costume consultant (and industry legend) Patricia Field. Shoutout if Kelsey Peters is your #girlcrush this season!

I mean have you seen a more #OnPoint Duo? They are perfect in their off shoulders and millennial pinks!(Which Kelsey has been rocking this season)  Plus One if you ask me!

From knit off shoulders to asymmetrical hems, to deconstructed dresses and shirts, this season has it all and trust me when I say it’s positively #droolworthy!

Liza Miller 


To hit it off, Liza’s has definitely matured in her wardrobe choices. She has come out to bestie Kelsey but she’s still a millennial to her other co-workers. She still has to look #Younger. But gotto say, she definitely looks more comfortable in her shoes, her outfits more chilled out, more her than the previous seasons.


Kelsey Peters 

She’s trying so hard to NOT look young. Instead, she’s trying to look older! “Kelsey, to me, is more consciously in control of her career and where she’s going and what her moves are,” Field notes. Her look is “a stricter look. It’s young, but it’s more conscious of being professional. It’s a bit more label-oriented. It’s more coordinated.”



Between these two, we can definitely make sure all our fashion inspiration problems are solved. Just keep an eye out for the next episode. Either one of these two are bound to give you your next #FashionInspiration.

So are you a more Liza or a more Kelsey?

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