We know a carefully put together outfit when we see one. When it comes to TV, gone is the time when Sex and the City was the only fashionable show in town. After Sex and the City, came the drop dead gorgeous ode to the city of New York and its fashion show, Gossip Girl. NO and i mean it, NO fashion savvy girl can call herself that without knowing the sheer indulgence that went down day after day in Gossip Girl. And even though Gossip Girl still remains relevant, TV has taken a leap forward with more and more shows here to take over the reign.

Give Netflix and Chill a new meaning! Let’s take a look at all our favorite fashion binges on television. For inspiration, look no further than your TV screen!




Known for Shonda Rhimes’ crazy plot twists and turns, Scandal is the ultimate powerhouse of women power and Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope could do no wrong. Her style changed recently, from pastels and pinks to power colors like royal blue and reds. Be it in the White house or just gladiating, Olivia is always wearing something that catches my eye!

PS : She has practically worn all designers we know and love from this Dior Lapel jacket to Carolina Harrera sundress to this brilliantly crafted Oscar de La Renta Jacket over a gown!


Forget the designers, time to bring in the real, day to day, affordable fashion. That’s where Girls comes in. The most relatable show on television, the fashions on “Girls” may not be aspirational, but it is very intentional. Who hasn’t worn something for the sake of a guy and then regretted it the minute they stepped outside? Who hasn’t had a period of bucking conventional dress in an attempt to prove something deeper about themselves? The point is we’ve all had our wardrobe slip-ups, especially during times when we’ve felt insecure. Girls has an authenticity to it that other shows are lacking because it allows itself to go there, rather than rendering all disasters “beautiful” with a Louboutin heel or Chanel dress.

Pretty Little Liars

With the show ending pretty soon, the buzz around it’s crazy suspense is heightening to a roar. But ending or not, there’s absolutely no denying the fact that Aria, Hannah, Emily and Spencer, 4 different characters have their style figured out and never fail to impress. Be it a prom night or just a regular walk in to the park (though lets face it, the walks in PLL are never regular) these ladies, are every teenage to college going girl’s fashion inspiration!

Big Little Lies 

It came, it won and it left. 7 episodes of Big Little Lies have completely become the talk of the town with the amazing music, oh-so-real portrayal of abuse and it’s characters. Reese Witherspoon’s Maddie has become our sass queen and Nicole Kidman’s Celeste, a true survivor. What is interesting is how their wardrobes match their personalities to a T and it goes to show the amount of work that would have been put behind the wardrobe.

Shoutout to the fantastic #Audreyhepburn costumes! My personal favorite, Renata!

Downtown Abbey 

Last but not the least, we just received news that Downtown Abbey will have a movie soon! And we can’t wait to catch up with our favorite dowager princess. They have impeccable taste and a lifestyle to keep up with everything they wear. Downtown Abbey has wearable couture in all its glory!

Ofcourse TV has never lacked for inspiration, but these shows have stolen my heart recently. Their researched fashion and characters are enhanced by their clothes. Lemme know your personal Fashion Icons in the comments below!

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