We live in times of irony all around. From the multitude of couture all over to social awareness and the rise of the organic, the fashion industry, has probably seen it all. Only goes right into the same motion the fact that the first It girl of Bollywood, Sonam Kapoor has finally launched a clothing line of her own with none other the woman behind the fashionista image, her sister Rhea Kapoor. A collation of both their names, for anyone following Sonam and Rhea for their fashion choices, this brand launch should be no surprise. What is surprising, pleasantly so, is the product and the prince range itself. The fashion line created by the most fashionable sisters in the country is meant to cater to all Indian girls, to make us all comfortable with fashion and not get intimidated by it.

The ultimate fashion diva was very strong in her description of the brand. In collaboration with Shopperstop, she describes it as Affordable, Aspirational, Experimental. On being asked Sonam says, “ We wanted the brand to be fashionable for real girls, and also make it affordable. Besides being aspirational, it should be something that every girl should want to wear and feel comfortable and beautiful wearing.”

It has not even been a month since the brand launch and true to aspirations, the collection is already sold out on and most stores are reporting the pieces being sold off the rack too. And it doesn’t come as a surprise. The collection is everything the sisters promise and more. It is young, fun , affordable and very edgy in its own way. I’d say it’s everything the Kapoor sisters are, poured over into a clothing line. The sisters are banking on fashion trends from the 80’s and 90’s, and the oh so nostalgic prints such as school stationery on woven shirts are just the right amount of quirky. I don’t think any girl would not want a Nutella jar tshirt or one with French fries overload. The highlight of the collection though, the mogra print, is very pleasantly feminine.

What is really beautiful about Rheson is how inclusive it is. From being inclusive to all body types; with its variety of silhouettes carefully designed to flatter, to photo-shoots, with bronzed models. It is an inherently Indian brand which wants the girls who follow Sonam and Rhea to feel comfortable with fashion, not insecure. And we can see it in the way the designs have been made, the price range and the collaboration with the mutli-store Shopper’s Stop. It makes sure there’s a part of the Sonam Kapoor glamour available to anyone wanting it.

Most of the line is already sold out but check out the collection at :

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