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Sanjay Garg brings ‘Cloud People’ to the LFW 2017

Delhi-based Sanjay Garg from Raw Mango’s latest collection, “Angels” or “Cloud People”, opens Lakmé Fashion Week (LFW 2017) this season, with an off-site showcase at the Royal Opera House in Mumbai. Focused on crafts like delicate chikankari on Bengal mulzardozi and hand woven brocade, this collection is ethereal in its appeal. Unexpectedly Indian is talks about themes of cupids, unearthly spirits and symbols of hope through the use of chikankari and signature weaves.

“The angel motif adds a new vocabulary to chikankari, which traditionally features florals and paisley motifs. In this case, it was about questioning the use of chikankari, as almost everything seen today is a diluted derivative. The chikan work in this collection is incredibly fine and delicate.” Garg recommends viewing the garments closely to examine the insides and details. What you’re likely to discover is soft feathers and clouds of angels in flight.

Commenting on the aesthetic opening show, Purnima Lamba, Head of Innovations, Lakmé, said, “Sanjay’s approach on manifesting Liquid Gold through his use of angel motifs against a precious colour palette, aptly complemented the precious new Lakmé Absolute Argan oil range of skincare and makeup. The Royal Opera House was a poignant venue, given the opera origin of the brand name Lakmé.”

To go with the theme of cupids, Garg thought of using a choir to provide the perfect background track for the length of the show. From Kiran Rao to Manish Malhotra, the show was well attended and applauded by the audience.

You can check out more about the collection at : Raw Mango 

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