Amazon Issues a Warning To all its Sellers has asked its sellers to submit an action plan within next 7 working days to resolve consumer grievance related issues, failing to which they may face of removal from the company’s ‘seller privilege’ platform.


With a reference to the bunch of complaints received from buyers, Amazon thinks it necessary to take an immediate action. However, reacting to such incidence, All India Online Vendor Association (AIOVA) said such initiative may impact several such sellers who are not on the defaulter’s list on Amazon.


AIOVA welcomes such a step by Amazon as it helps maintain hygiene in the ecosystem. However, Amazon fails to address flaws in their Seller Performance and Monitoring Procedure which is holding even genuine sellers at risk of shutting down their business.”

“As a result of Amazon’s action, a lot of genuine sellers will also be suspended for the time being due to lapse in Amazon’s procedures. Such sellers will now need to deal with a loss of sales until Amazon makes a decision. If Amazon can suspend a seller based on its policies, it should also compensate the loss of business to wrongly suspended sellers. an AIOVA spokesperson said this today.


The body said, Amazon also holds the sellers’ payment until a decision is made which is against guidelines issued by Reserve Bank of India.

The warning email sent by Amazon India to sellers with an urge for the sellers to improve their product offerings to minimise buyer complaints.

When contacted Amazon India did not respond on the matter.


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